Garbage Collection

Please have trash out at the curb by 7:00am and kept at that location for pick-up by 7:00pm.

  • Household Garbage
  • Recyclings

Tuesdays there will be two (2) separate trucks collecting your trash:

  • One (1) truck for trash container collection
  • One (1) truck for recycle container collection
  • Household Garbage
  • Bags Outside Containers
  • Bulk Trash

Fridays there will be two (2) separate trucks collecting your trash:

  • One (1) truck for trash container collection
  • One (1) truck for bulk trash and bags not inside containers


New Year's Day Memorial Day Independence Day
Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

Should a holiday fall on one of your regularly scheduled trash service days, your home will not be serviced until the next regularly scheduled service day.

Yard Waste Protocol

Brush and tree trimmings, cut in lengths not to exceed 3 feet, no greater than 3 inches in diameter, securely tied in bundles, not to exceed 40-lbs, will be picked up from the curb.

Loose items such as leaves, grass clippings, small brush or tree trimmings can be placed in Biodegradable Bags, Lawn and Refuse Leaf Bags.

Automated Collection

In a combined effort, WCA Waste Corporation and Memorial MUD would like to take this opportunity to explain how your automated trash collection service works. WCA is the trash collection company hired by Memorial MUD to provide trash collection services for the residents. WCA provides each resident with 2 roll-out poly collection containers; a blue 95-gallon container for household waste and a grey 65-gallon container for recycling.

However, in order for the automated system to work effectively and consistently, it is important that each of us follow the collection procedures outlined below.

illustration of trash against curb 3 feet away from recycle container

  • Cans must be placed with handle facing away from the street and wheels against the curb (as seen in the illustration).
  • Cans must be at curb before 7am on collection days and kept there until 7pm
  • Do not place containers too close to mailboxes, parked cars or other objects.
  • Allow ample surrounding space so the automated lifting mechanism can be attached around the container and lifted.
  • Only the uniquely designed WCA poly collection containers will be picked up.
  • Bagging trash will help prevent trash from blowing when it is emptied. It also helps with maintaining the cleanliness of the container.

Excluded from Normal Collection

Dead Animals Ammunition or Explosives Arsenic
Chemicals over five (5) gallons Mercury Nuclear/radioactive waste
Fluorescent light bulbs (unidentified) Gasoline Oil
Insecitcides Flammable Chemicals Pool Chemicals
Paint Stain/Varnish Solvent
Batteries Thermometers Power Steering Fluid
Transmission Fluid Anti-Freeze/Coolant Used Oil Filters
Herbicides Poison Pesticides
Medical Waste Propane Tanks  

If your needs exceed the normal amount of residential waste, yard trimmings or bulk items, please contact WCA in advance and they will meet you prior to the collection day to determine a price for special pick-up. If you do not notify WCA of a special pick-up before its scheduled day, then WCA will leave a notice asking you to contact them during normal office hours, but before the next scheduled pickup day.

WCA will clean up any spillage that occurs during the collection process. However, if liquid items such as gasoline, motor oil, paints, cooking oil, or any other liquid items that are not visible to the WCA employee spills and causes a stain, WCA cannot be held responsible.

Recyclable Items

Newspaper Magazines Junk Mail Colored Paper
Paper Bags File Folders Phone Books Greeting Cards
Cardboard Paperboard Plastics #1-#5 & #7 Metal Pots and Pans
Aluminum Cans/Foil Steel/Tin Cans Gutters, Copper, and Scrap  


Plastic Bags Styrofoam Wrapping Paper Used Pizza Boxes
Coat Hangers Paint & Solvent Containers Light Bulbs Mirrors
Windows Dishes & Cups Pyrex Pans Wet/Soiled Paper
Paper Towels Facial & Toilet Tissue Disposable Plates & Cups Paper Milk & Juice Cartons

Heavy Trash

The following items and materials will be accepted:

Unaccepted Heavy Trash Items

Dirt in large quantities Wood Masonry debris Roofing materials
Lawn mowers Sheetrock or drywall Paneling Windows
Stone Carpet Nails Tree Trunks
Pool Filters Water Softeners Tile  

If you have any questions regarding your trash and recycling collection, contact WCA customer service.

WCA Waste Corporation